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Domains are like the phone book of the internet. Each website, email server, and digital service has an IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned to it. Because it's difficult for visitors to remember these numerical IP addresses, domain names like "example.{tld}" were created. Additionally, subdomains, such as the commonly used "www.", help organize and navigate to specific sections of a website or service.

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Why Gentlent?

We are Adaptive

We are a young, modern startup with the agility to quickly develop and deploy features based on customer needs. Our streamlined processes and innovative approach ensure that your requests are met promptly, allowing your business to stay ahead in a fast-paced digital landscape.

Freedom and Longevity

Our products are designed with longevity in mind, ensuring that you won't face any lock-in. We prioritize your freedom, offering full support for migration whenever needed. This commitment guarantees that you can rely on our solutions without feeling trapped, knowing that transitioning away will be smooth and hassle-free.

Direct Access to Engineers

At our company, you can communicate directly with our engineering team. We eliminate the frustration of navigating through layers of support or dealing with chatbots. This direct access means faster solutions, clearer communication, and a more personalized experience.

Expertise and Innovation

We combine our deep knowledge of the industry with a passion for experimentation. By merging modern technologies with fundamental principles, we create products that are not only feature-rich but also user-friendly. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible.

Trusted Partnerships

We collaborate with reliable partners like NETIM and Cloudflare to provide robust and secure solutions. These partnerships enhance our capabilities, ensuring that we deliver high-quality services backed by the best in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose a Domain Name?
Select a domain name that is memorable, relevant to your business, and concise. Ensure it reflects your brand identity and is easy to spell and type.
What Can I Do with a Domain?
A domain can be used for various purposes, such as hosting a website, creating custom email addresses, and running other online services. It acts as your online identity and can help establish your brand presence on the internet.
Do I Need Multiple Domains?
Depending on your business needs, you might benefit from having multiple domains. This can help protect your brand, target different markets, or host distinct services under separate domain names.
How Long Does a Domain Last?
Domains are typically registered for one year, but you can choose to register them for multiple years. You will need to renew your domain registration to keep it active.
Someone Else Has My Domain Name
If your desired domain name is already taken, you can consider alternative names, variations, or different suffixes. You may also explore options like purchasing the domain from the current owner or using a different branding strategy.
Is My Domain Secure?
To secure your domain, you can use features like Registrar Lock and Registry Lock, and optionally, Gentlent's domain lock. These measures help prevent unauthorized changes and transfers, ensuring your domain remains safe.
Why Are Some .win Domains More Expensive?
Some .win domains are considered premium domains due to their high demand, uniqueness, or potential value. These domains are priced higher because they are seen as more desirable and valuable.
Can I Move My Domain To or Away from Gentlent?
Yes, you can transfer your domain to or away from Gentlent. We support the transfer process to ensure a smooth transition, whether you are moving your domain to us or to another provider.
Can I Use Special Characters?
Yes, you can use special characters in your domain name, but the availability and support for these characters depend on the specific suffix. Make sure to check the top-level domains' guidelines for special character usage.
What Happens If My Domain Expires?
If your domain expires, it typically enters a redemption period or is deleted, depending on the top-level domain. During the redemption period, you can still renew the domain, but additional fees may apply. If deleted, the domain becomes available for registration by others.

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