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We build web platforms for developers.

Launch Plan

LIR Services · October 2023A service that helps you to get your own IP address space and ASN.
Reseller Platform (GRP) · December 2023An extensible platform to sell web-related products, such as domains or hosting, to their own customer base.
Web Design · March 2024A web design service with a focus on simplicity and reliability.


Gentlent provides you with a suite that fits you. Build up your web start-up with the strongest infrastructure possible.

This is a preview. You might encounter bugs and other issues. Visit
Gentlent SafeSurfSafeSurf shows you security indicators in the omnibar for post-EV safer surfing. The extension was developed for our own team members to have an easy way of checking whether or not a site belongs to us or not. After a couple of weeks, SafeSurf was quickly updated to check for EV certificates, Google Safe Browsing, and our evolving algorithm to determine the authenticity of a website. And, it's free!

Other Resources

Gentlent Blog

The official Gentlent Blog - where our team shares their updates and engineering quirks.Visit Gentlent Blog

Gentlent Peering

Gentlent is open to peering with other networks at various IXPs. You can find our peering policy here.Visit Gentlent Peering

Gentlent PKI

The Gentlent TrustCert CA, previously TrustCert CA, is our in-house certificate authority used for various technologies around our products.Visit Gentlent PKI

Gentlent Resellers

Gentlent's reseller program is designed to give you the tools and support you need to successfully sell and support our products to your customers.Visit Gentlent Resellers


The GL-IX is a low-cost internet exchange based in central europe, powered by Gentlent's infrastructure.Visit GL-IX

System Status

Visit System Status

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