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What's my IP

Check your IPv6 connectivity, as well as your currently assigned IP addresses and network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the boxes above indicate?
The first two boxes show IPv4 and IPv6 internet connectivity. This is achieved by running HTTP requests against an IPv4-only and an IPv6-only endpoint. The third box shows the autonomous system that your IP address is being announced from (a/k/a your internet service provider).
Should I use IPv4 or IPv6?
Even though IPv4 is still widely in use, we strongly recommend to primarily migrate to IPv6 and to use IPv4 as a fallback. IPv6 comes with a lot of benefits, including saving the internet from IP address exhaustion-related issues.
How can I enable IPv6?
The first step is to contact your internet service provider and check with them if they support IPv6 connection. Your router and operating system should usually support this by default and if not, you might want to consider updating or upgrading your computer software or network hardware.
How can I support IPv6 deployments?
As a user, ask your service providers and website owners to enable IPv6 and tell them how important it is to support this protocol. As a service provider, you can check out the World IPv6 Launch website.

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