The branding guidelines that keep our brand consistent.

Gentlent‘s corporate identity was carefully crafted to meet our standards and is constantly being refreshed with subtle changes. Our branding guidelines cover certain aspects of how our brand should be displayed in certain situations.

Use Cases

Depending on your use case, you may or may not require permission to use our brand. We‘re also human, and usually tolerate customers using our brand to promote their good faith projects that use one or more of Gentlent‘s products.

We may revoke the permission to use Gentlent‘s branding & trademarks at any time.

✓ Acceptable

There are certain use cases we generally consider acceptable:

  • Informational articles about us (e.g. blog posts, reviews, etc.)
  • Indicating the use of our products (e.g. on project website)
  • Tutorials or reviews (e.g. written or video)

✗ Permission needed

However, there are also certain use cases that explicitly require our prior written permission:

  • Marketing or advertising
  • Packaging
  • Official-looking branding

  • Most other use cases that aren‘t expressly considered acceptable.


Here you can download our latest asset package with currently used logos and icons by Gentlent. Please read our guidelines below and comply with our terms of service to download, and use our logos.

You may not sell, alter, or further reproduce or distribute any part of this material except for acceptable uses.

Click to download archive (.zip, 117 KB)


If your use case is okay with us, we‘d like you to follow these guidelines:

Caption below

✓ Use the brand and keep its proportions.

Caption below

✓ Keep enough space around the brand.

Caption below

✓ Use a minimum height of 18dp.

Caption below

✓ Maintain contrast for different backgrounds.

Caption below

✓ Let your brand be more prominent than ours.

Caption below

Don‘t change the proportions of the brand.

Caption below

Don‘t imply a connection between brands.

Caption below

Don‘t use oversized logos.

Caption below

Don‘t use low contrast color combinations.

Caption below

Don‘t display the brand too prominent.

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