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TMS Schwed - Case Studies
TMS Schwed - Case Studies

The carpenter service Schwed, or TMS-Schwed, focuses on the installation, maintenance, and care of various types of furniture such as kitchens, built-in cabinets, windows, and doors. As a small regional business, having a reliable online presence is not just useful, but crucial. Gentlent helped achieving this by setting up the foundation for a digital presence quickly and smoothly.

To improve TMS-Schwed's digital presence, Gentlent quickly provided a WordPress instance, email hosting, forwarding, domain registration, and management. Additionally, Gentlent provided advice on legal and basic SEO needs.

Gentlent set up our website quickly and without any issues. Their help made our business look more professional online. We are thankful for their assistance and look forward to working together more.

Manuel Schwedhelm

The partnership between TMS Schwed and Gentlent shows how small businesses can benefit from simple digital solutions. With Gentlent's support, TMS Schwed has a stronger online presence, ready to serve their community better.

For more details, you can visit their website here.


Key Facts
  • Founded in 2024
  • Located in North-East Germany
  • Specializes in installation, maintenance, and care of furniture like kitchens, built-in cabinets, windows, and doors
  • Small regional business with a professional online presence

TMS Schwed, known as Tischlerei und Montage-Service Schwedhelm, is a small regional business specializing in the installation, maintenance, and care of furniture, including kitchens, built-in cabinets, windows, and doors.

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