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SV 47 Mutscheid e.V.

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SV Mutscheid
SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. - Case Studies
SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. - Case Studies

Founded in 1947, SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. is a storied sports club in the picturesque Eifel region. The club boasts a rich history, having overcome numerous challenges since its inception. Originally, the club's colors were a happy accident, turning into the now iconic black and yellow. Over the decades, the club has grown its membership and expanded its facilities, reflecting its deep commitment to fostering sports and community engagement.

In a move to enhance their digital presence, SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. partnered with Gentlent, who became their official digital sponsor. This collaboration is focused on modernizing the club's website and improving online communication with members.

The partnership with Gentlent has proven to be extremely valuable for SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. The prompt and effective feedback on our inquiries as well as the consistently positive and solution-oriented work of Tom and Florian have made a significant contribution to simplifying our digitization processes. Through individual support and digital solutions tailored specifically to our needs, we were able to experience the expertise and customer-oriented commitment of Gentlent up close. This collaboration has been consistently positive and we look forward to continuing this path together.

Lukasz Zsibrita

The partnership between SV 47 Mutscheid e.V. and Gentlent illustrates the transformative power of embracing digital solutions. By leveraging Gentlent's skills, the club enhances its online presence and member engagement, setting a strong foundation for future growth.

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Key Facts
  • 300+ members
  • Founded in 1947
  • Located near Bad Münstereifel, Germany
  • Wide range of sports

The SV 47 Mutscheid e.V., located in the picturesque Eifel region, has more than 300 members and looks back on an impressive history. As a versatile sports club, we offer a wide range of activities - from football and table tennis to running and dancing. Our variety of sports and commitment make us a lively and integral part of the local community.

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