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NAVEST GmbH - Case Studies
NAVEST GmbH - Case Studies

NAVEST GmbH, founded in 2018, is a Swiss company that specializes in developing digital solutions. To improve the technical infrastructure for their Trustify brand, NAVEST partnered with Gentlent. Gentlent offers uptime monitoring, consultation, coding assistance, and hosts parts of their CDN through Cloudflare and the underlying Gentlent network, especially for serving static assets like icon libraries.

Working with Gentlent is great! In addition to high expertise, the problem-solving approaches are also very valuable. The products are a technical masterpiece.

Markus Heinemann

The partnership between NAVEST GmbH and Gentlent demonstrates the importance of strong technical support for digital solution companies. With Gentlent's help, NAVEST can ensure reliable uptime, efficient coding, and effective delivery of static assets, contributing to their overall success.

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Key Facts
  • Founded in 2018
  • Located in Switzerland
  • Specializes in developing digital solutions
  • Utilizes uptime monitoring, consultation, coding assistance, and CDN hosting

NAVEST GmbH, a Swiss company, focuses on developing digital solutions. Founded in 2018, NAVEST has partnered with Gentlent to enhance its technical capabilities.

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