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Code of Conduct

Last updated on May 7, 2023.

Our code of conduct is used to ensure the right values and optimal behavior of our company in connection with the internal dealings as well as with the business conduct with clients and partners. These values convey high standards to enable our company to meet its own requirements and goals. By adhering to this behavior, we create a grandiose relationship between everyone involved in our business which is necessary for a pleasant working environment and a successful future.

Whether as an employee, contractor or business partner, everyone should make sure to internalize this code of conduct to guarantee to optimally apply it. It is a good base for business-related dealings.

To Whom Does the Code Apply?

The code of conduct applies to all employees and partners who directly or indirectly act on Gentlent‘s behalf. Anyone who does not represent Gentlent in compliance with the code of conduct runs the risk of disciplinary proceedings against himself and his position and/or termination of the cooperation.

Questions, Ambiguities, and Other Issues

If you have any questions, ambiguities or other matters relating to the Code, please consult a responsible person such as the department head, who then takes care of the matter or, under certain circumstances, also escalates it to the next higher authority. In the event of abuse or non-compliance with the code of conduct, it is of great importance not to quietly accept the situation, but to make yourself strong and to represent the values of the company and act in its will.

1. Satisfied Customers are Good Customers

As a representative of the Gentlent brand, we should always try to satisfy our customers in the interests of the company. In order to guarantee the desired standards in our company, we have to serve and stand up for the customer.

1.1 Trust and Security are Crucial

We want our users to trust us with their data, which is why we have to respect their personal privacy and treat their data with the utmost confidentiality. Through our behavior, we want to offer the customer a sense of security and ideally implement their wishes in the most efficient way. Personal data is regulated by our security system to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to and misusing confidential information or harming the company. As an authorized person, personal data and information should always be handled with care and consciousness.

1.2 Satisfy the Customer

If our users are not treated best with values, we endanger Gentlent‘s reputation. It is necessary to take care of our clients and satisfy their needs. We demand to be open-minded and to take care of the customer regardless of whether he has a question, a problem, a compliment or feedback and to support him in his concern.

2. Confidentiality of Data

All types of data that are collected in internal processes or procedures and are used there must be treated confidentially and not be discussed or passed to third parties if not otherwise stated. Information, from e.g. leaking company secrets to the public, can harm the company and may create a critical issue that can create unnecessary risks and consequences. If you have issues with work processes, task assignments, the fulfillment of obligations, etc., you should contact a responsible person and never ever bring internal problems to the public nor act in a manner that is detrimental to the business and/or everything related.

3. At the Workplace

In well-regulated everyday work, it is necessary to support each other and, if possible, to assist each other. Everyone acting on our behalf should always aim at a positive and good work ethic, which we highly encourage to participate in. Everyone should try to solve their problems with regard to the values of the company or seek help and advice from the leading authority. There is no place in the company for exclusion, bullying, racism, sexism or any kind of other discrimination based on gender, origin, color, language, belief, religion and political outlook. If there is a case in which someone shows such behavior, those involved, witnesses and victims should immediately contact the next higher authority and describe the incident to initiate further action.

3.1 Equality and Equal Opportunities

In our company, individuality is not just welcome but embraced. Everyone should contribute according to their qualifications and skills and thus reflect their own competencies in their tasks in the best possible way. Everyone deserves respect in any form and does not deserve to be a victim of exclusion, insult or any form of harassment. The only decisive thing for us as a company is the way and personal willingness to work for the common goals of Gentlent and to represent the company with dignity and according to its values.

3.2 Drugs and Other Substances

As a company, we consider the misuse of substances such as drugs to be an obstacle to a good working atmosphere and do not support it. Misconduct in the workplace due to this consumption is not tolerated and can lead to disciplinary proceedings, which can result in the termination of employment relationships, partner contracts or the like. In the event of a reasonable suspicion that the work performance or behavior is being affected by substances, drug screenings may be initiated.

3.3 Safety at work

Everyone should enable a non-violent work environment. If a risk to safety at work is noticed, you should inform a responsible authority immediately to initiate further procedures. Unauthorized use of weapons is strictly prohibited and is a violation of safety in the workplace.

4. Conflicts of Interest

Never use the information and the like for you, your friends, or your relatives‘ benefit. This could create disadvantages at the company‘s expense, which is intolerable. When choosing the right approach to problems, you should always keep an eye on whether you are creating an incentive for yourself or others to benefit or to appear to do so in a conflicting way. Avoid creating a conflict of interest and counteract it. If you are already in a situation that can potentially create a conflict of interest, a solution should be found together with a responsible authority or higher authority. Under certain circumstances, conflicts of interest may arise over time and thus can not be consciously avoided or counteracted right from the beginning, which should not be neglected.

4.1 Investments

In order to promote the company as much as possible and not to harm Gentlent as a company, one should avoid investing in competing companies and thus promote them. Nor is it justifiable to use information, one‘s own position or other companies‘ internals for potential competitors, outsiders, etc., which would also create a conflict of interest.

4.2 Second Jobs or Your Own Business

Support from competing companies and behavior harmful to the company should be prevented. When entering a board or a position at another company or organization that could create a conflict of interest, this decision should be discussed with a manager in advance. You should not start a business that competes with Gentlent without prior discussion. However, we do have processes in place to encourage and even support the start of certain innovative businesses if discussed prior to the management.

4.3 Gifts and Other Courtesies

In general, gifts and other niceties from competitors or business partners with monetary value or the like are not permitted without permission as they could cause a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest. Gifts with a non-monetary or negligible value are largely permitted as long as no conflict of interest or the like is created.

In order not to act harmful to Gentlent, you should always act in accordance with applicable law and not against them. Every representative of ours acts as a figurehead in public and accordingly should represent it with dignity. While working in general, at the office, at trade fairs, in public, and elsewhere, you should never violate any applicable laws, if it is in direct or indirect connection with Gentlent or a representative of the company.

6. Summary

Basically, the Code of Conduct is an appeal to the fundamentally correct values in people, which should be represented with a good heart in order to represent the image of Gentlent with dignity. Any kind of information, regardless of whether processes, customer data, trade secrets, etc., affect Gentlent should be treated as confidential as possible and with respect for privacy and dignity and should not be passed on to third parties. The workplace should be a safe place, without violence, harassment or anything harmful, in order to maintain a good working atmosphere by making everyone feel comfortable and efficient.

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